Tripura Death Certificate Form Pdf 2024 | Tripura death certificate download [Latest]

Tripura Death Certificate Form PDF Download | Tripura Death Certificate Application Form | Apply for Tripura death certificate |Tripura Death Certificate PDF Form 2024


A Tripura Death Certificate Form PDF is one of the most important documents to obtain after the death of a person. This document is issued by the District Magistrate’s office and the Tripura Department of Revenue.

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Tripura Death Certificate must be available and attained after 21 days of death. If you get the death certificate after the completion of the period of 21 days then you have to pay charges for it.


Importance of Tripura Death Certificate 2024: – 

If a person died in Tripura and he/she is a resident of Tripura then their family members apply for their death certificate. It attains a huge level of importance because, without the availability of a death certificate, the insurance companies don’t allow the compensation that the person gets from their insurance policy.

Also, this document acts as evidence that the person has died. If the person is entitled to get a pension then also their family member will have to show their death certificate.

If a widow/Spouse is going to marry again then he/she will have to show the death certificate of their former partner then only the court will allow the marriage.

There are many other formalities and works that get stuck without the availability of the Tripura Death Certificate. So, it is an important document and requires completing various legal formalities.



Where To Tripura Death Certificate Form Pdf 2024:-  

Well, the issue of death certificates can be done from many places. In Tripura, the Tripura Marriage certificate is issued by the District Magistrate and the Tripura Revenue Department.

Alternatively, you can obtain the death certificate from the Block Development Authority, Nagar panchayats, and Agartala Municipality.


Application PDF Form Download Death Certificate Tripura

 Application Form  Tripura death certificate Form 2024
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Tripura Marriage Certificate Form Download   Click Here


Documents Required for Tripura Death Certificate Form: – 

All the procedures, rules, and regulations related to the Tripura Marriage certificate form will be entered and governed by “The Birth and Death Act, 1969″. Now, let’s discuss what documents are required for applying for a Tripura Marriage certificate.

  • The family members of that person will have to verify the citizenship of the person. This work can be easily done by the parents of the deceased person or any other relative.
  • The availability of Medical authority certification is also required. If the person dies in the hospital then the chief doctor will issue the medical certificate that the person died.
  • A radar card is also required for the verification of the name, Address, and Date of birth of the person.
  • A certificate of Pradhan is also required which proves that the pradhan of the area verified that the person died.

That’s it, if you have these documents available with you then you can easily apply for the Tripura Death certificate form.

Note:- If you’re a permanent citizen of Tripura then you can easily apply for the death certificate of a person who has been missing for 7 years. According to law, if a person is missing for seven years then it will be assumed that the person has died and you can easily apply for the death certificate of that person.

You just have to ensure that the person is missing for 7 complete years. If you prove this then you can apply for the death certificate of that person.

How to apply for a Tripura Death Certificate?

Applying for a Tripura death certificate is not complex work you can apply for a Tripura death certificate by following the steps which are listed below:-

  • To start the application for the Tripura Death Certificate, you have to get the application form. Well, the Tripura death certificate form is available online. So, you can easily get the Tripura Death Certificate from the official site Health and Family Department of Tripura.
  • You just have to open your web browser and search for the official website of the Health and Family Welfare Department of Tripura.
  • You can also use this link to visit the official website of the Health and Family welfare department of Tripura. Otherwise, you can also directly download the Application form by using the download links in our article. So, go and download the application form directly through this link.

  • Once you successfully download the form then make a printout of this. After getting the printout, fill out the form with details that are asked about the dead person. This usually asks for the name of that person, age, address, and timing of death. Some other details were also stored in the form. Once the application form is ready then you have to add the documents which we have discussed above. 
  • Once you add all the documents then staple them visit the District magistrate’s office and submit the form. 
  • Now, you just have to wait until the Tripura Marriage certificate form is verified and the department will issue the death certificate of the person.
Note:- Make sure to get the Death certificate of the person within 21 days of applying, otherwise you’re entitled to pay a fine.

Registration Responsibility of Tripura Death Certificate: –  

The medical authority will issue a dedicated certificate that verifies the death of the person. The place where the person died will take responsibility and verify the death of the person. Well, the registration responsibilities of death are categorized in a different way which is listed below:-

  • Hospital and any other medical health care center

 If the person died in any hospital or any medical health care center the available doctor, concerned medical officer, and authorized medical personnel who were present at that time are responsible for the death verification of the person.

  • Jail

 The in charge of the Jail (Jailer) or available personnel will be responsible for the dearth of verification. They have to engage with the formality passed after the death of the person.

  • Hostel, Lodging house, and boarding school

The head of the hotel or proprietor of the property will have to verify the death and have to engage with the legal formalities done by the medical officials.

  • House

 If the casualty happens in the house then the head of the house or the closest relation (In the absence of the head of the family) will get the registration responsibility for the death of the person. Likewise, if the death happens in the car then the person in charge will forward the registration responsibility.



So, here we discussed the Tripura Death Certificate Form PDF and how you can easily apply for Tripura Death Certificate. Well, if any of your closest friends die and you want to apply for the death certificate then this information will help you. So, just go and apply for the death certificate of the dead person now and collect it within 21 days of applying.

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