How to Crack SSC CGL Exam: Strategy and Tips ?

How to crack the SSC CGL exam? Well, the answer to this question depends on you entirely. Whether you will be able to crack or not depends on the hard work and dedication you put into your preparation journey. 

To crack this exam, you will have to follow a strategy and must stick to it till the end of this prep journey. This article will provide some essential tips and techniques to help you crack the SSC CGL exam 2023 on the very first attempt. 

Is the SSC CGL exam challenging?

There is a misconception that the SSC CGL exam is one of the toughest to crack. But this isn’t true. If you want to see yourself as one of the qualifying candidates, then you should stop believing this. If you have prepared well, you can crack. As the SSC CGL notification is released, one should start the preparation immediately. 

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Tips to crack the SSC CGL exam 

If you want to crack the SSC CGL 2023 examination, you must go through the tips and strategies mentioned below. These are the proven tips and techniques that will help you to clear the examination easily. 

1. Must be aware of the syllabus of the exam. 

To crack the SSC CGL exam, you need to begin your journey with the SSC CGL syllabus 2023. Once you have gone through the syllabus, analyze the subject-wise important topics and mark the topics with high weightage. You can start preparing by covering these important topics in the syllabus. 


2. Create a study plan. 

Make a study plan for yourself. Ensure that the one you choose to follow suits you. It is never compulsory that if a strategy works for a fellow aspirant, it will also work for you. So, it’s important to create a personalized plan for yourself so that you can have effective preparation. 


3. Opt for suitable study material and resources. 

As the SSC CGL exam date is announced and D-day is approaching, the candidates should ensure their time is well-spent. The ‘quality over quantity formula should be followed. Instead of focusing on the high number of books, one should ensure to read fewer books with more concentration. 

Physics Wallah is one such resource-providing platform. You will get notes, video lectures, mock tests, PYQs and many more with a single click. 


4. Practice the previous year’s question papers.

One should start solving the SSC CGL previous year’s question papers simultaneously with his preparation. This will help you get a clear idea about the types of questions that will come in the exam. 

5. Attempt mock tests. 

Practice makes a man perfect. The quote we have always heard is the truth of our life. An athlete practices for months and years to run a race that ends in minutes. In the same way, you need to practice, practice, and practice for the best result. 

Mock tests will also help you to analyze your preparation and help you improve. 


6. Work on your weak areas. 

When you give mocks and solve the previous year’s questions, you will find your weak zones. Practice more in those portions. This area will be the decision maker on D-day. 


7. Revise regularly. 

Revision is a necessary part of the preparation strategy. It would be best if you revised regularly. If iron is kept in a humid climate, it will get rusted. For a better lifetime, it needs regular polishing. The same goes for us. We should regularly revise for a better understanding of concepts. 


8. Stay motivated. 

Losing confidence and giving up is the biggest roadblock on the path to cracking the SSC exam. The candidates get nervous as the examination date nears, but one should maintain confidence. If you have prepared well, you should be full of confidence. Go to the examination with trust in yourself and give your best in the exam. 


What are the best books for the SSC CGL 2023 preparation? 

One should be sure about the following books to cover the syllabus organizationally. Below is a list of books one can consider for a smooth preparation journey. 


Subject  Book Name  Author/ Publication
English language  Objective General English  S.P.Bakshi
A Mirror of Common Errors  A.K Singh
Quantitative aptitude  Magical Books On Quicker Math M-Tyra
SSC Mathematics 5800+ Kiran Publication
General intelligence and reasoning  Lucent Reasoning Arihant Publication
General Awareness Lucent G.K. Dr Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul


To prepare for the SSC CGL 2023 examination, one should be well aware of the syllabus and preparation strategies. The above article provides a few tips and techniques to crack the exam with bright colors. Aspirants should follow them for fantastic results 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Qs. Can we crack the SSC CGL exam by self-study?

Ans. Yes, one can easily prepare for the SSC CGL exam by oneself. The only condition is to be regular, dedicated, and disciplined. 

Qs. Can I crack the SSC CGL exam in 3 months?

Ans. Yes, you can crack this examination in 3 3-month time period. It just requires complete focus and a proper study plan. 

Qs. Can I crack the exam in a month if I devote 4 hours a day?

Ans. One should devote at least 16 hours a day to crack the exam in a month. 

Qs. Is there an interview round in the SSC CGL examination? 

Ans. No, there is no interview round in the SSC CGL exam.  

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