Twitter sends employees an email to announce upcoming layoffs on Friday

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The company wrote in an email sent to employees on Thursday and obtained by ABC News.

“In an effort to get Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the arduous process of reducing our global workforce on Friday,

According to the company's email, the process of layoffs will be done through email,

“We believe this will affect many individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, 

but this is action,  Unfortunately, this is essential to furthering the company's success," the email continues.

Employees were told Thursday via company email that they would receive a notification on their Twitter email

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if their employment was not affected, and if their employment was affected,

 they would receive a notification in their personal email with the next steps. But a notification will be received.

In the company email, Twitter said its offices are temporarily closed and that "all badge access will be suspended."

"Twitter will set up a content moderation council with widely diverse perspectives," Musk tweeted.

"There shall be no major material decision or account restoration before the convening of that council."

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