On November 1, Day of Death is celebrated with full of joy in Mexico

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Mexico celebrates the day of death in remembrance of their dead family members while welcoming their souls on earth.

Death day is hugely celebrated in Mexico

where people come across the roads and streets and welcome their ancestors' souls on earth.

'Day of the Death' festival in Mexico believes that on this day God opens the gate of heaven

heaven and the souls of persons who died before getting the chance to reach earth.

This festival is to welcome their souls on earth.

On this day, the Citizens of Mexico get a national holiday

holiday and the people of Mexico, and some countries like Spain, the USA, and the Philippines celebrate the "Day of the dead"

The 2nd of November is for welcoming the souls of the adults who passed away.

People made skulls of Sugar and Salt and visited the graves of their relatives.

They are flowers (Marigold), Offenders of Sugar and chocolate for welcoming the souls of their relatives.

Altars are created by the Mexicans who believed that this attains the water to fill the thirst of people coming,

Light of a candle shows the direction to the spirits, land and air to live further.