Download Aadhar Card Form for Address Change 2023 | Aadhaar Card Address Change/Update Form PDF

Aadhar Card Form for Address Change: – People get confused about what type of form they need to apply for an update on their Aadhar card. People will update their mobile number, Name, Address, and Date of birth on their Aadhar card, and let us tell you that all types of applications can be easily done through the same form. You don’t have to get a specific form for every type of update on your Aadhar card.

The Aadhar card is one of the compulsory identity proofs which should be available for every resident of India. In terms of local verification, the Aadhar card will overcome the importance of the PAN card.

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An Aadhar card is a document that is used for verification of the address, name, and date of birth of the person. With the help of the Aadhar card number which is printed on every Aadhar card, the government will access the thumb impression of every person.

If you wanna update the Address on your Aadhar card but don’t know what to do then you’re at the right place. In this discussion, we’re going to examine what are the steps you have to follow for applying for an address change in your Aadhar card.


How to download the Update/enrolment Aadhar card form?

 You can easily download the application form for Aadhar card update/enrolment directly through the official website of Aadhar. Follow the steps which are listed below to know:-

  • Firstly, you have to open your device and connect it to an active internet. Once your device is connected to an active internet then you have to search for the official website of the Aadhar card to download the form.
  • You can easily visit the official website through this link If you don’t wanna visit the official website and want to download the form directly then click the download link in this post.  A file of 1.54MB will get downloaded to your device.
  • Once the form is downloaded then you have to take out the print of it. After taking the print use a black or blue Ballpen and fill the form with the details asked in it.
  • You have to enter your name, mobile number, local address, and many others. Also, you have to provide the thumb impression and signature in your form. You have to make sure that all the details entered in the form should be entered correctly.
  • After filling out the form, we recommend you have a check or verification of details.
  • Once you check the details then visit your nearest Aadhar card center and apply your request to the Aadhar center officials.
  • The Aadhar card update officer will take your form and verify your details. Let us tell you that you have to attach the proof of your new address which you’re applying for to update your Aadhar card.
  • You can show electricity bills, House papers, and many other documents which verified your current address.
  • The officer will verify your details and check the validity of the form. If everything is ok then he will ask you for the biometric verification.
  • So, complete your biometric verification, and hence your application will be directly sent to UIDAI and you’ll get an update of our address change after a month.


Download the Aadhar Card Form for Address Change: – 

Aadhar Card Form for Address ChangeAadhar Card Form for Address Change Download Now
Note:- Well, this will take more than a month so don’t worry, be patient. If this will take more than usual time then you can apply a complaint regarding this.


When your application gets approved and your address gets changed then UIDAI will send a message to your Aadhar-linked mobile number. A link is also provided in this link you just use this link to verify to directly visit the downloading page of the Aadhar card.

Once you enter your details in it like your Aadhar number and Aadhar application status then you’ll get your updated Aadhar card. An option to download the Aadhar card will display on your screen, just download the Aadhar card and hence your work is done.

The above content will tell you how easily you can apply for an address change on your Aadhar card. But, there are some really important things that you have to take care of while applying for an Address change in your Aadhar card.

Details to be Mentioned in Aadhaar Card Address Change/Update Form:-

  • Types of Resident
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Full Name
  • Present Address
  • Change Address
  • Name of the Certifiers
  • Destination
  • Office Address

Things to consider: –  

A list of things that you have to ensure while applying for an Aadhar card address change on the official website of UIDAI are listed below:-

  • You have to ensure that the thumb impression and signatures must be visible on the form. A photo of the resident should also be pasted on the form. A passport-size photo is required.
  • The new address should be mentioned in the evidence that you provide for address change. The rent agreement is not acceptable as your residential proof for Aadhar card Address changed. So, avoid the use of a rent agreement. Electricity bills, Voter ID card addresses, and passports can be used as verification of a new address.
  • At the time of printing the application form, you have to make sure that the form is printed on clean paper. Every content of the form should be visible easily.
  • After downloading the form, you have to ensure that you completed your application within the time interval of 3 months.
  • The form should be filled out very clearly and no overwriting is acceptable. If you place an overwrite in the form then the Aadhar card official has the clear right to reject the form.
  • Cross-correction of the details is necessary to do. It is very important that the details you provide should be genuine and correct.

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Conclusion: –  

We strongly recommend you make sure that you enter all the details in the form should be genuine and written clearly. With the help of this discussion, you can easily Download Aadhar Card Form for Address Change to apply for an address change in your Aadhar card. So, don’t wait, download and apply for your Aadhar card address change now.

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