Von Miller's Odell Beckham Jr. Post Surprises Fans

Von Miller has been trying to recruit Odell Beckham Jr. to the Buffalo Bills since the beginning of the season.

Though nothing has been reported yet, from Miller's latest post on Instagram, 

 it looks like the Beckhams will be signing the bills.

On Friday, Miller posted a photo of himself and Beckham holding the Lombardi trophy.

A lot of fans are wondering if it will be "OBJ Time" in Buffalo very soon.

Earlier this week, Miller appeared on "The Pat McAfee Show" and expressed his desire to team up with Beckham in Buffalo.

"It's a tough situation for me because he's not just a guy, 

 there's an ally around the league that I want to bring on my team," Miller said via Bleacher Report.

Last season, Beckham and Miller won the Super Bowl against the Rams. Maybe, just maybe, they will also hoist the Lombardi Trophy 

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