A Tweet with antisemitic movie growth turns to the suspension of Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving, who is one of the best and most popular NBA players playing for the Brooklyn Nets, gets suspended by the board.

He found in controversy after sharing a tweet on his Twitter account with a link to an antisemitic movie grow.

The tweet got viral over the internet and the Brooklyn nets took action against him with high leads towards his suspension

Nets reported that Kyrie failed to declare the antiseptic beliefs in a media appearance before and also failed to acknowledge the content delivered by this film

Kyrie's team members also share the information that the Nets get suspended,

without paying the fees for the previous 5 games which he played in the event.

The nets claimed that they were not going to clear their playing fees until he satisfies the board regarding the event he conducts

Kyrie Irving has been roundly criticized since last week when he shared the link to the movie released in 2018

2018 Named "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America". This movie is based on the book by Ronald Daltons

NBA commissioner confronted the media regarding the suspension of Kyrie Irving

where he shared that the link to the movie attains plenty of deeply offensive antisemitic material.

Adam Silver (Commissioner of the NBA) also shared with the media that Kyrie should have to answer the board regarding his action.

. In return, Kyrie Irving asked for an apology but the board didn't answer yet and didn't confirm that apology to Kyrie.

. Kyrie applied for an apology but the NBA board didn't recognize it yet.

We hope that Kyrie will get an apology from the board and that the fans will him in Brooklyn again.