Tom Brady reportedly decides on the infamous flag

Several weeks ago a New England Patriots fan sued the Patriots organization for not properly handling a flag signed by Tom Brady that he loaned to the organization.

Daniel Vitale, 42, claimed in October that a flag he loaned to the team last year for a special Brady display had discolored autographs -

because it was not treated on the back of the glass, which reflects light and heat. Will protect the autograph from fading.

In the midst of the trial, Tom Brady was called in to rectify the situation. According to ProFootballTalk, Brady has agreed to re-sign Flagg.

The flag was flown in 2001 only at the last regular season game played at the old Foxboro Stadium.

The Patriots would go on to win their first Super Bowl that year, kicking off their dynasty.

But it seems that the actual dollar value of the flag matters a little more than its pure sentimental value.

Now Vitale will be able to get the full value of his memorable moments from that historic season.


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