The Most Accurate NFL Quarterback List Is Getting Crushed

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Some of the stats may surprise fans who have a different perception of the players he follows.

On Wednesday, the Fox Sports NFL Twitter account shared a list titled "Warren Sharpe's Most Accurate QB."

"Without any additional context, anyone encountering the tweet will assume it was Sharp's subjective ranking.

And if that were the case, anyone except Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers making the top quarterback list certainly seems crazy.

Meanwhile, Jared Goff made the cut. As a result, many fans thought that she was being trolled by her weird ranking.

Yet as Sharp explained, this was last year's leaderboard for on-target percentage, an advanced metric measuring quarterback accuracy.

There weren't many obvious standout artists at the top of the pack;

Rodgers finished 12th with 78 percent, while Derek Carr's 79 percent finished fourth.

"Fact, not opinion: the most accurate QB of 2021," Sharp wrote.

"Sorry if your QB wasn't accurate enough to rank top-10 last year. Hopefully he'll be more accurate in 2022."

The data shows some interesting trends. Rodgers feasted when able to plant his feet but struggled on the run.

Brady was completing his worst medium throw, and Mahomes was better able to exploit zone coverage than the man.

Yet all that was lost in an easily digestible graphic presented as the equivalent of Power Rankings.

It's also amazing to feel some middling quarterbacks on this chart (Goff, Ryan Tanhill, Tua Tagovailoa)

Padded his accuracy rate on short strikes without giving the defense downfield.

Of course he is not the top-10 quarterback of the league. If anything, this situation shows that accuracy is only one piece of the puzzle.

If anything, this situation shows that accuracy is only one piece of the puzzle.