NFL World Reacts To Republican House Announcement

Image source - Getty Images

The United States now-Republican-led House of Representatives made an NFL-themed announcement on Wednesday evening.

House is investigating Commanders owner Daniel Snyder for conduct within the NFL franchise. However, Republicans are planning to block it.

"Now that Republicans are projected to control the House, Republicans on the Oversight Committee have released a statement from Daniel Snyder and ranking member James Comer on the status of the commanders' investigation when Republicans assume control: "It's over." ,'" tweeted Mark Musk.

"Republicans officially assume control in January. It is still expected that a final report or memorandum will be released on the Democratic-led investigation of the commanders and Daniel Snyder."

"From the beginning it was all about pushing back the timeline on Dan Snyder's behalf. An extra day here, another here to wait for an attorney to respond, etc.

They just got to take the House back," wrote one fan. Had to wait for the buck and expect it to go away.

Another fan said, "The government has almost done a good job."

Another fan said on social media, "This has been the message from the GOP for months. However, the Dems still maintain control as of January, and they have yet to release the Dan Snyder transcript."

"Good. He's gone anyway. Obviously, there are more important issues going on in this country at the moment," said one fan.

Snyder and the Commanders have been facing major criticism of late.

Coming off the Commanders' big upset win over the Eagles on Monday night.