Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks: Draymond Green claims fan 'threatened' him

A fan was ejected from the stands after Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green complained during a game in Milwaukee on Tuesday night.

Speaking after the match, Green said that the fan threatened his life.

The fan said "some dangerous stuff for my life," Green said.

The Bucks confirmed that they were investigating the incident and consulting with the NBA.

Golden State's Stephen Curry was shooting free throws with 5:19 left in the third quarter when Green spoke to a game official, repeatedly pointing to a man sitting a few rows down the opposite baseline.

The officer met the security personnel at Phirserve Forum and the fan was taken out. Earlier in the period, the fan and Green had exchanged words.

"I was really close to going back and diving all the way in, but just went back and told the officer. And when I told the officer, he said, he should get out of here," Green said.

You just hope it gets to a point where these leagues can work with legislators to enforce laws because 

that's the only thing that's going to ultimately fix this issue, if you know what." That something real is about to happen to you," he said.

Following Milwaukee's 128–111 win, the Bucks said in a statement: "Under the discretion of the referees, we are investigating the situation and we are speaking with the NBA."

Draymond Green gets ejected from tonight's game by a fan